Auster reconnaissance Plane

Of the light reconnaissance aircraft Auster there were 6 stationned in Deelen in May 1945.
In our museum we have probably the most original Auster in Netherlands. A very impressive piece of- restoration.
Starting point for the Auster-restoration in the museum was the PH-NIN. The remains of this aircraft were donated by Coert Munk (the director of the Airport Teuge) to the museum. The museum got the body frame, aluminum motor plating, several smaller parts and logs. That the largest part of the frame was preserved, was important; in the restoration of historic aircraft it is a fact that, that the frame is the carrier of the identity of the aircraft. Re-use of the original frame is considered to be a restoration project. In the absence of an original frame, the result is considered to be a replica. On Deelen we did not only use the original frame, but also many other original parts.
auster aircraft restoration
An (second) fuselage frame for replacement parts and a large number of wing ribs (the steel and the aluminum fins are all original) came from England.
From the non-airworthy stock of the KLu Historische Vlucht came the tail wheel and various cockpit instruments. Only the remaining parts are meticulously recreated using original Taylorcraft-drawings.
That it was worth the effort, The model gets a lot of attention and: it attracts many airplane enthusiasts from across the Netherlands to Deelen. Meanwhile, the two wings are ready. These are entirely covered with linen, tensioned by lacquer. An extremely precise and, time consuming job (you should say: SKILL) that 1 of our "handymen" volunteers has taught himself.

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