Bart Leijte passed away

Much to our surpsie we heard this weekend that 1 one of our longest serving volunteers, Bart Leijten, died at the age of only 58 years.

We lost a very valued member. Many people already told me that they would miss his incredible knowledge, about the museum, the history of Arnhem and the 2nd Wordl War in general. I totally agree … it's absolutely safe to say that he was an expert. Always ready to lend a helping hand, always present during the weekends and our Tuesday evening. I can't remember (for myself as well) how many years. Many ... MANY !. You can imagine that if his membershipcard is nr. 2 it's easy to figure out that he was there even before the museum was founded. He witnessed all the plane salvage operations and has seen and helped the museum grow. Bart, i'm happy we enjoyed the barbeque evening at the ABWO camp. We talked about all "green" things, ate some “good steaks ” and had some drinks. That's how i'm going to remember you..