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I-262 museum-parts-excavated

ME 262 excavated

Remnants of an ME-262 excavated, near Deelen airfield. Coincidence The wreckage have been raised by chance in the investigation of bomb craters that were frequently used as “garbage disposal” near the...

donation 4 German signposts signs

Donation German Signs

An “Attic find”. These 4 authentic German roadsigns were donated to our museum. 4 Roadsigns that could be seen in almost every town and indicate the direction to the Feldgendarmerie (Police), the Ortskommandantur (command-carrying...

Rover Beveiliging Elst camera en alarm systeem

Donation Alarm System !

Following the recent burglary, the museum's desire for an advanced security grew.. Roland Hid Rover Security in Elst came to the same conclusion and approached us almost at the same time...