The Nightfighters

In response to the massive nighttime raids on German cities and industrial areas, the Germans developed a tactic of supporting technology for Night fighters.
In our archives and exhibition many names, schools, photos and models of radio towers are proof of the pioneering role of Arnhem and Deelen.

night hunting

Airfield Deelen played an important role of the birth and development of the radar and air defense as if we now know and still use, with the bunker Diogenes Bunker as the heart of all operations. The Teerosen radio tower were situated in a circle around it.
Very recently, the entire exhibition about the nightfighters was extended and improved. You will not only see some unique things extra in the display cases, but get a good understanding of how the German air defense worked. A complete overview of the bunker Diogenes, the layout and how it was organized. We have some unique things like the light beam devices (lichtspucker) that were used to display the positions of the incoming formations on the large map.
With more objects and photographs from the bunker Diogenes. The most spectaulaire is the glass map. At this time, the restoration of this still in full swing.
These glass map was used to indicate the routes that the Allied bombers were taking. This was done by the "Blitz Mädchen" with "Lichtspucker",nl
Then the officers could base their actions on this information. (how many aircraft should intercept, what direction, height etc.)

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