The V1

By purchase, a find on Park De Hoge Veluwe and donations we collected nearly all parts of a V1 that led to a complete reconstruction. The knowledge was gained from various books, the original manuals and contacts with an association of former soldiers from Peenemunde.
In addition, we received special permission from Nederlands Legermuseum to photograph the last details in their 1 V1. Very useful, because not everything could be reconstructed on the basis of (black and white) drawings.
With all this knowledge and material rebuilding of the technical part of the V1 was started in a wooden hull. The complete V1 is now set up in a lifelike diorama. A panel with buttons is connected to small lights in the V1. Each button has a text and when you press it the corresponding component in or on the V1 lights up. With this you can discover how the V1 works for yourself.