Digital Table

Councilor Weijland of the municipality of Ede gave on the 14 of september 2015 the official start to the project Digital Tables.
6 Ede's museums and the Municipality of Ede want to provide an interactive way to inform interested parties about their collections and stories from Ede. The digital tables will be located in the 6 museums and travel constantly to different locations in Ede. Through the digital tables the audience can start looking for interesting collections and fascinating stories from Ede and thus make them attentive to the museums.

special cooperation
The innovative project is a joint initiative of the museums of Ede, united at the Museum Concert Ede, and the Municipality Ede. The museums and the Municipal Ede remain after the completion of the collaboration project, so there is always new information and other museums can join.

These museums: Dutch Tile Museum, Historical Museum Ede, Museum Oud Lunteren, Platform Military History, Kijk & Luister Museum and Museum Deelen Airbase represented by Webwerkplaats
The project is led by Arno Stam, Gelders Erfgoed and Bibi Bodegom of "Bibo Bodegom".

The table.
A digital table is really a large touchscreen (49″ diagonal) where one can work simultaneously with multiple people. (see picture). This is controlled by a PC in the foot of the table.
Probably we will opt for a screen size of 46 up to 50 Inches with at least 12 touch points simultaneously. (translated: 4 people can work simultaneously (at the same time) at the table).
The resolution is HD 1920×1080 because the software does not (now near future) support UHD..

What will be on the table ?
The contents are three-fold:
-slideshow. This also serves as a “screensaver”
-The display of (parts of the collection) from 6 museums from
-The display of (parts of the collection) from 6 museums from
This is preceded by a “Switchboard” where a choice can be made between these 3.

Museum Registration
The contents of Adlib will form the basis for the contents of collection Gelderland and
We started with the sub-project 'prepare collections adlib for publication online'. In practice this means that the objects that are registered or will be registered in the registration software Adlib, should be have uniform content and format and made usable (import) in the site collection Gelderland.
This is the basis for the collections of the 6 museums in presenting this partnership to the public on a multitouch table.

Provisional selection topics
Clément van Maasdijk fly heath
Dump Deelen
Bob Beeston
75 mm cannon
Deelen KLU 1950 to the present
Diogenes / Night Fighters

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