Donation Alarm System !

Rover Beveiliging Elst camera en alarm systeem

Following the recent burglary, the museum's desire for an advanced security grew.. Roland Verborg from Rover Security in Elst came to the same conclusion and approached us almost at the same time with a very generous offer: A new camera and burglar system from Rover Security.
Now we can not reveal too many details about the what-where-how, but we can safely say that this is a very sophisticated and professional system. Not only in terms of technology, but Ronald's 21 years of experience with the police was clearly evident in the identification of vulnerabilities. Roland Verborg even went a bit further. With his thorough knowledge of safety, we have done a scan of the whole building. We will now also improve the key schedule and various architectural modifications to protect our fragile collection more.

Of course we are very happy with this advice and systems. We will do the wiring ourselves, but the installation and adjustment of the equipment is done very,very soon by the engineers of Rover Security.