Dump Deelen

After the war, the First Canadian Army left over 37.000 (!) vehicles behind on Deelen airfield.
Motorcycles, jeeps, scoutcars, tanks, trucks, artillery pieces as well as lathes and other equipment was scattered up and around the airport Deelen. Photographs in the museum the incredible scale of the demob park. Rows and rows of vehicles, as far as the eye could see.

Deelen Dump Demob Vehicle Park
The Dutch state bought all this equipment after months of negotiations. All vehicles were restored as much as possible and unserviceable components and steel (read: tanks and artillery) were sold at auction.
A portion was sold to companies that were important for rebuilding the economy. These sales were seen by the RAI (Automobile Importers association) as unfair competition and soon the major car importers in the Netherlands had to be involved in the sale. As seen on an authentic film in the museum they had their own offices, wooden mobile trailers, from which the test drives and sales were arranged.
The majority was sold to the various army units, most of which was destined for the war in Indonesia. Kilometers long convoys drove over the otherwise tranquil Veluwe to Amsterdam and Rotterdam to be shipped to Indonesia from there.
The enormous shortage of everything and of course profit also attracted a lot of thieves.. In the records we have, numerous letters and articles can be found that report theft by civilians, but also widespread theft and fraud by the staff.
Soon a 1000 volt electric fence was put up around the entire dump fed by 1000 generators. With exception of a few resourceful thieves, theft became considerably less, but also cost the life of a soldier who went to work on Dump Deelen. Unaware of the fence he walked in thick fog against the fence and died.
In the all-new "Deelen hall" you will find many photos, objects, motorcycle, Bedford, a unique film from 1946 and records from the "accounting" that give an impressive impression of this enormous operation.
The most recent addition is a Bedford tanker. This has two low front windows, which makes it quite rare early model.
Unique is the fact that a fully reconditioned engine was also with the truck.. Entirely in an authentic crate, probably similar to many more at the Dump Deelen after the war.

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