Het Museum

Deelen Airbase Museum is located on the Hoenderloseweg 10, a magnificent location on the road between Hoenderloo and Schaarsbergen.
Applicable, because it is a former German building, later, Canadian and subsequently Dutch. It was recently the monuments status. It accommodates 2 large and 3 smaller exhibition spaces, a meeting room, a workshop, office, archive and an extensive library.
More than 25 Volunteers, with very diverse backgrounds and their own specialization, have now been forged together by the shared interest in history. Together they man the museum, pay for the lodging, research, the expansion and maintenance of the collection and various projects. The rest of the necessary funds come from sponsors, donors and income from entrance fees.
Dat er met bescheiden middelen maar een gemotiveerde groep mooie dingen kunnen worden gedaan kunt u ook aflezen uit het feit dat wij een officiele ANBI instelling zijn en op dit moment hard werken om een geregistreerd museum te worden.

Full of stories

All objects, photo’s, uniforms etc. are completely authentic, usually as a result of several years of research. Therefore Museum Deelen "Museum full of stories”. Each study makes results in objects that a story behind it, which we can explain in personal tours. A unique formula that, judging by our guestbook, is very much appreciated.

museum building totaalaanzicht2
The Exhibitions

The origin for the museum dates back to the DAEG Foundation, that organized, some 25 years ago, aircraft salvages., in particular, to salvage missing crews. The exhibition on the salvage operations and the personal stories behind it can be found in hall 3.
Because of the extensive study that we conducted we have been able to reconstruct how German night fighters operated from Deelen. A clear explanation, illustrated with authentic objects can be found in hall 2.
After the capitulation in 1945 canadian army was repatriated. However, ALL the material of the Canadian 1st Army was left behind on Deelen airfield. More than 37.000 vehicles (more than there were in the whole of Netherlands before the war) but also workshops, hospitals,nl, stocks. Unique photos and objects from the Deelen Dump in hall 6 give you an idea of ​​the sheer size and how everything was put to use for the reconstruction of the Netherlands.
The left part of Hall 6 shows the History of Airport Deelen from 1910 to the present. Have you been stationed in Schaarsbergen, LETS or airport, then you will definitely recognize the pictures and objects in this hall.
Hall 7 is meant for temporary exhibitions. At this time you will find it a truly unique collection of diaries, dishes, tiles, stationary and other memorabilia of the German Nachtjagd era of the airport.

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In hall 1 you will find the fully restored Auster reconnaissance aircraft and our V1.
The diorama and display in hall 4 give an impression on how pilots who wanted to escape from occupied territory were assisted..
In the corridor (5) you will find a collection of photographs and objects of the dutch construction consortium which built the airport for the Germans.
You can see from the list of exhibits and the map: it's bigger than you think.