ME-262 Photos excavation

  • blades-with-axle-and-wiring-me-262-messerschmitt-museum-parts,nl
    Wiring harness to engine. The blades of the JUMO-004 behind it
  • german-cross-wing-me-262-museum-parts,nl
    The first look at the German cross on the wing section
  • first-exploration-fragments-me-262-messerschmitt-parts,nl
    By continuous evaluations of the debris we can see where we are "in" the aircraft
  • hole-me-262-end-of-the-day,nl
    Finds in the walls continue to make the pit wider
  • Jumo,,zh-CN,jet-motor-engine-blades-blades-museum-parts,,nl-004-jet-motor-engine-schoepen-blades-museum-deelen
    blades of a JUMO-004 jet engine
  • aerial-crash-site-19-September-1944-elden-kronenburg,nl
    Aerial photo 1944 with crash site, Now Elden and Kronenburg
  • me-262 cockpit-window-frame-museum-parts,nl
    The bulletproof glass window and window styles
  • me-262-parts-landinggear-fahrwerk landing gear,nl
    Part of the landing gear is free
  • me-262 documentation excavation,nl
    All discoveries and their location in the pit are recorded
  • me-262-hoofd-vleugel-balk-vrij-graven
    The main beam of the wing are exposed by hand
  • me-262-jumo,,es,jet blades-paddle fan,,nl-004-jet-bladen-schoepen-fan
    A close-up of the fan blades
  • me-262-small-parts-transportation-to-museum-parts,nl
    The first transport is ready to be brought to Museum Deelen
  • me-262-landinggear landing gear-fahrwerk-comes-free,nl
    The landing gear
  • me-262 landing gear free-making,nl
    In order not to damage anything we dig around the landing gear
  • me-262-motor-plating-and-paddle-jumo,nl-004
    ME-262 engine parts and plating
  • me-262-excavate-mountains-messerschmitt-262,nl
    Nice picture, that shows the size of the pit
  • me-262-wing-bar-landing-frame-hydraulics,nl
    Main beam wing is salvaged
  • ME-262-wing-comes-free-wing-museum-parts,nl
    The first look at the wing section. The surprise is yet to come
  • me-262-vleugel-wordt-zichtbaar-wing-hydraulics
    The wing needs to be made free
  • messerschmit-me-262-mountain-storage-museum-parts,nl
    The crane dumps the sand and searched by hand
  • messerschmitt-262-excavation-excavation-museum-parts,nl
    It is becoming a rather large hole. It's more than we hoped and thought
  • messerschmitt-jet-262-wing-discovered-wing-fluegel,nl
    Everything is accuratly dug free by hand to avoid damaging
  • messerschmitt-me-262-jet-fan-blades,nl
    A quick glance and some cleaning to see what we have
  • mk-108-30mm-kanon-me-262,en
    1 Of the 2 MK-108 cannon in the museum
  • neus-me-262-deelen-gunports
    The entire nose with the characteristic 4 gunports
  • -nose-me-262-visible-museum-parts,nl
    The nose is free
  • nose-messerschmitt-262-jet-free-4-apertures-artillery
  • excavation-me-262-messerschmitt,nl
    The main beam is running into the right wall of the pit
  • armor-pane-me-262-parts
  • armor-diamond-me-262-museum-parts,nl
    The bulletproof glass window with heating of the ME-262
  • capture-document-film-me-262-museum-parts,nl
    Search for details on the turbine section
  • wing-part-me-262-is-salvaged,nl
    The surprise: a highly visible german cross
  • hydraulic-pump-jumo-004-messerschmitt-262-jet
  • hydraulic-pump-clean
  • I-262-unknown part
  • messerschmitt-262 hydraulic tank museum-parts
  • messerschmitt-262-me-pantser-armor
  • messerschmitt-me-262-museum-Deelen
  • messerschmitt-me-262-part-rinse-resistance
  • messerschmitt-me-262-swallow-onbekend
  • Messerschmitt neuS delen-262
  • messe Schmitt-262-unknown part
  • mk-108-boordkanon-me-262
  • picture-hydraulic pump-me-262

Photos partially courtesy of Mr. Jurgen Uffink

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