Start Digital Tables

The initial impetus was given for the project Digital Tablets. This partnership will provide access to the collections of museums in Ede. Digitize and visualize via Internet. This will be via the website

We started with "Creating collections ready for publication online 'subproject. In practice this means that the objects that are registered or will be registered in the registration software Adlib, in terms of content and style uniform and suitable to be made for use in the collection website Gelderland.
This will later serve as the basis for the collections of 6 museums in presenting this partnership to the public on a multitouch table.

digital table

A number of sub-collections in the museum are now made summarizing stories. These are topics that also have a GPS coordinate. The site, the crash site or the site of an historic building example. These, gecombineerd met foto’s en eventueel filmpjes worden dan weer gebruikt voor Edeopde A must anyway !!!
The third stage is the design of digital tables with this content. At the same time sponsor our website Museum Deelen in the files of the site collection feedback to our own website so that you can view the collection in our own website.

Marco Houtgraaf has now even gone so far that we can program a separate presentation for a digital table !

digitale multitouch tafel voor museum deelen

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