Regional History

To preserve valuable knowledge and eye witness accounts as possible, we interview people (in the netherlands- and abroad) that contribute to the history of Airport Deelen, and the wider surrounding towns, such as Hoenderloo, Schaarsbergen and Arnhem. It provides interesting details but also objects and photographs of the village Hoenderloo during wartime, the Monastery, Diogenes bunker, the "bomb line" train, and details about the liberation.

Of course we also have a lot of material about the Royal Dutch Air Force Electronic Technical School, Kamp Koningsweg North and Oranjekazerne . If you spent your time in Schaarsbergen ? then there will be many moments of recognition when you enter the room with “history of Deelen”

Everything is meticulously documented and archived in our archives.
One entire room is devoted to 100 years Deelen airfield and its impact on the surrounding area.

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