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auster aircraft restoration

Auster reconnaissance Plane

Of the light reconnaissance aircraft Auster there were 6 stationned in Deelen in May 1945. In our museum we have probably the most original Auster in Netherlands. A very impressive piece of- restoration. Starting point for the restoration Auster...

glass card gradnetz diogenes Nachtjagd night hunting museum parts

Glass map

For more than 4 years we puzzled with 4000 thousand shards of a 2 by 3 meter glass plate on which you can see an etched map. This card was created by the German Night Hunting leadership used to intercept...

SGR 109 german Radar,nl

SGR 109 Radar

The restoration of the radar SG-109 is completed. The instrument cabinets and base are recovered in full glory. The grid of the dish itself off. A titans job with a...