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olstoel and handicapped accessibility museum airbase parts

Museum Deelen would like to meet at the museum Norm regarding the accessibility of our collection. The museum provides physical accessibility and communicates any restrictions on physical access clearly with the public.

  • The doorways between the traffic areas and exhibition spaces in our museum have a clear width of at least 0,85 m
  • The main entrance features a doorknob and it is easy to operate for most people. The traffic areas are swinging doors available.
  • The exhibition in the museum's ground floor. The thresholds in the museum not exceed 2 centimeter.
  • A large number of objects are palpable. The captions in the exhibition are not suitable for the visually impaired.
  • The doorways to the toilets have a clear width of at least 0,85 m
  • The museum has a folding wheelchair is available for visitors